Operation Frostbite

11/01/2013 00:03

January Event ( 01-11-13 )
Operation Frostbite

Intel Received (January 4th) --

Commander -- I have detected some unknown traces of enemy units traveling in the radius. It is unclear to what these units are, but they seem
to be carrying some sort of anti-aircraft tank. Will you be ready to fight the Rouge Factions on January 11th?

Intel Update Received ( January 6th ) --

Commander -- There has been a thermal-energy seen in our digital map overview of the Rouge Factions. They seem to be targeting your base,
wanting to take-over the world map. You must defeat them in waves of attacks. Their tanks include flak-like technology.
Are you ready for the battle?

Intel Update Recieved ( January 8th ) --

Commander -- The Rouge Factions are approaching quickly. They are bringing heavy reinforcements and won't back down. This tank includes mega-tank
like health and damage ; but has it's weaknesses. I advise you to strengthen your base defense as soon as possible.
Let's win this fight!

Intel Update Recieved " {FINAL TRANSMISSION} (January 11th - EVENT DAY) --

Commander -- Here is the long awaited Rouge Factions. They brought their new units and technology. This tank we were talking about earlier has been
caught by one of our allies. It was brought back to our lab, and we discovered the weakness. The "Elite-Mega Tank," which was an improved
Mega Tank from our technologies, weakness is that the more damage it takes : the slower the rate of fire it shoots. Some units
like the HoneyBadger are usefull. It is slightly slower than the Mega Tank by .1 speed.
Are you ready to take their technologies to use this unit at your disposal?

(Lock & Load)