Group Rules


Rules and Regulations


  • All members should read and familiarize themselves with these rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.
  • These rules were decided upon by members, and as such, members are expect to follow them. If there is any discussion on a rule, or someone would like to propose a new rule, it can be done.


1.Keep vulgarity and spamming to a minimum. I do

not mind a few casual curse words, but large amounts of profanity or profane comments will not be tolerated. Generally if you're repeating same thing more than two times in a short period of time, you are considered to be spamming.


2.Respect other clanmates and officers. You do not have to agree with everyone, you do not even have to like everyone, but you do have to treat everyone in the Clan with civility and respect. If there is an issue between two Clanmates that cannot be resolved peacefully between them, then report it to an officer or myself immediately and we will decide the course of action to take.


3.Be considerate to other players beliefs and values. Not everyone's beliefs and ideaologies are the same. Derogatory comments including references to a player's race, religion, or ethnicity will not be tolerated. Refer to Rule 2.


4.Remember, you represent not only yourself, but the entire group. Try to refrain from taunting or making derogatory comments to teammates or opponents in WC matches, as this reflects badly on the entire Clan.


5.Respect alliance rules, and remember that you represent the Clan when speaking in all World Chat. If the alliance reports a problem with a member, that member will be delt with accordingly.


6.Absolutely no profane language or mature conversation on World Chat. Keep it PG-13


7.To maintain your membership in the Clan, you will be expected to be active.



Offenses Warranting a Warning:

  1. Spamming
  2. Minor Flaming
  3. Attitude Problems
  4. Hitting Co Members or Allied Forces
  5. Giving Information to another Clans or Group



  • Punishment: If a member is found in violation of the rules of the Alliance or the Group, they shall be delt with accordingly. Minor violations may merit only a warning, while larger violations may be grounds for immediate expulsion from the Group. Any officer may enforce punishment as they see fit for violations of the rules. If there is a problem with an officers judgement, it should be taken up in private with me.


Not all offenses are listed, and officers should use their best judgement in handling violations. Clan Members are encouraged to report violations of these rules to an officer.